Pride, Place,
and Common Sense.

You belong to a Co-op. That’s what makes them what they are. Common sense folks and transplants. I’ve had the rare pleasure of being both. My best life lessons are very country. Fix it with bailing wire until you go to town.

There’s a pride of place out here, too. Even when the neighborhood is 20 miles as the bird flies. If you leave, you find it again. There are dips and FORD’s, and there’s a difference. As my Father said, “Those Co-ops do a good job”. Not only the obvious (and difficult) things, but the meaningful things. The Co-ops encourage a sense of belonging and heritage. It’s a pride of place where the best job is a good job. And those LINEMEN know that mother nature sets the clock.

It’s a good thing I have electricity.

John Pruitt

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A Nod to Lester Beall.

The Seven Electric Cooperative Principles

As my Father would say,

"Those Co-ops
do a good job."

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